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Welcome to Stop The Pop, a site dedicated to not liking Avril Lavigne and exposing her for the poseur she is. 

-Avril gets in trouble!!!
-Fun with the What The Hell video 

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-Laugh at the content

Dis-Freakin'-Claimer: If you like Avril and might be offended, please, the internet is not that difficult to navigate. You don't have to be here.
This website is an expression of our dislike. Man, us and our free time....our biggest goal is to convince you to become Anti-Avril while making you laugh. 
Useless Legal Crap no one reads:
All pictures are copyrighted, either to us or whatever source is sited (i.e. deviantart, a news website, etc). If the image belongs to us, please ask us before using! (actually we don't care too much, just don't say you made it or anything). Or else we will kill you!
And if you're wondering why we spend our time making an anti-Avril site, we're wondering why you're wasting yours reading this if you love her soooo much!
On the other hand, if you dislike her just like us or even more, come in and have a few laughs! XD
ImportantIf it annoys you that I hate her, then guess what? It annoys ME how much you look like Giygas. 
hung.jpgAnd remember...
Bullhorns, pink skulls, screaming, ties, angry faces, black eye make-up and swearing in your pop songs DO NOT make you hArDc0r3

People who read this part are dumb. VISIT US ON GLITTER-GRAPHICS.COM ITS THE BEST LAWL